A Touch of Forever

AED 1495

Mini Touch of Forever - Nutritional

AED 745

Mini Touch of Forever - Skin Care

AED 745

Vital5 (Aloe Vera Gel)

AED 855

Vital5 (Forever Freedom)

AED 975

Vital5 (Bits n' Peaches)

AED 855

Vital5 (Aloe Berry Nectar)

AED 855

Forever Essential Oils Bundle

AED 700

Forever Essential Oils Tri-Pack

AED 135

Sonya Skin Care Kit

AED 510

Infinite Collection Kit


Aloe Fleur De Jouvence Collection

AED 370

Luminesce Colection Kit

AED 950

AROMA SPA collection

AED 245

Hair Care Set (Volume)

AED 220

Hair Care Set (JOJOBA)

AED 180

Hair Care Set (Hydrate)

AED 220

Gift Sets for Men

AED 300

Travel Kit

AED 90


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